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Constellation Services International, Inc. (CSI) is an entrepreneurial orbital services company that is currently focused on research and applications logistics for low Earth orbit (LEO) space stations and other platforms in space.

Beyond Space Station Logistics

CSI’s intermodal architecture has other commercial applications, most notably as an affordable, near-term capability for sending humans around the Moon, or even into Lunar Orbit.

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"Nanoracks" and "Lunar Express" are trademarks and service marks of Constellation Services International, Inc.

Intermodal is the transportation model that dominates terrestrial cargo transportation:
February 23, 2009: Coming Soon ....
January 15, 2007:  CSI Supports's Opportunity to Fly Around the Moon
May 4, 2006: Space Adventures and CSI Announce ISS Cargo Agreement
April 12, 2006: Esther Dyson Joins CSI Board of Advisors
Apr 20, 2005: CSI Announces New Members of the Board of Advisors
Oct 15, 2004: CSI policy response to NASA RFI on Commercial Space Transportation (Adobe PDF)
Sept 1, 2004: CSI part of NASA Lunar Exploration contract winning team
January 14, 2004: CSI Praises New Space Exploration Agenda Pledges Private Capital to Help Make it Happen
January 12, 2004: Former NASA Acting Administrator Joins CSI Board of Advisors
July 22, 2002: Former Space Station Program Director Becomes CSI "Alternate Access to Station" Program Manager
July 15, 2002: CSI Awarded NASA Contract for Space Station Cargo Resupply With Standardized Containers
July 12, 2002: NASA awards contracts to investigate commercial services to supply International Space Station
April 22, 2002: Space News Op-ed About Alternate Access to ISS Program